SRAM controller

By xantus on Monday 8 February 2010 11:53 - Comments are closed
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Sram exampleA problem with many SRAM ic's is that they are asynchronous. This is tricky too use in the synchronous FPGA world. This example shows how to interface with a cheap (€4.271)) and high speed (80 MHz) CY7C1041CV33, a 4Mbit (256k x16) SRAM ic, with a MAXII CPLD.

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4.3" PSP LCD

By xantus on Sunday 7 February 2010 15:09 - Comments are closed
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Although the Cyclone EP1C6 does not contain enough ram bits to display graphics on this huge display. It can be used as a large character display, with the capabilities to display up to 1.620 characters (27×60) with a 8x16 font.

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By xantus on Friday 5 February 2010 20:22 - Comments are closed
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The verilog provided at 4.3_psp_lcd can also be used to drive a VGA display. Only the timing and resolution in h_sync, v_sync and in_picture and the pixel clock in clk should be changed to the correct values as explained in vga_timing.

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IBM font

By xantus on Sunday 31 January 2010 19:15 - Comments (1)
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IBM font
The following 8×16 font was used by IBM in the early PCs and is now widely used in the projects on greenbird. An example usage of the font is shown here: 4.3" PSP LCD.
For easy integration in your projects, you can download a .mif1) file with all 256 characters in it at the bottom of the page.

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